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Plan, Manage and Track Volunteering Events

Capture all the great things that your people are already doing engage them more effectively and celebrate their accomplishments!


Simple to setup, and even easier for your employees to use!

Company software shouldn't be complicated or difficult. Using Porpoise feels just like using the apps you use every day at home. This means your people won't be confused and you can focus on creating fun events that will deliver maximum impact and engagement!


Simple & Approachable Workflow

Deploy, manage, and report on a successful employee engagement strategy through volunteering events from one, user-friendly platform.  By centralizing your communications efforts from Porpoise, you can reduce cost, time, and room for error. Not to mention avoiding the noise from external social software.

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Create a Tailored Employee Experience

Direct specific events and communications to different groups, departments, and offices to ensure you create an engaging and relevant experience for everyone. 


Easy-to-Read Reports

Unlock access to both high-level and detailed reports in real-time.

  • Real-Time Data Collection

  • Graphs and Charts

  • Downloadable Spreadsheets

  • Custom Metrics

  • Capture Unique Impact Stories

  • Comparative Analysis


Hear It from Our Customers


“Porpoise helps us tell this story within our walls, to our stakeholders, and the public. It lets us reflect on the good that we do and challenges us to continue to be a part of something bigger. We embraced using business as a force for good, but partnering with Porpoise has helped us take it to the next level. We’re now able to do a much better job of measuring what matters.”

Trisha Leaver Sr. Marketing Manager OMISTA Credit Union

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Organize Your Next Event for Free!

We'd love to help you plan your next event, let our experts help you, no charge.

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