Elements Of The Top Employee Engagement and Social Programs

Elements Of The Top Employee Engagement and Social Programs

When you’re tasked with developing social programs and employee engagement initiatives for your company, it might seem like a daunting undertaking at first. The most important thing you can do is just get started! Getting started with your first programs can be fairly straightforward if you keep in mind the following key elements!

1. Start With a Purpose

Profit and purpose go hand in hand. The best programs are typically seen in businesses that establish a social purpose and mission, and consistently perform actions with this purpose in mind. Ideally, companies establish a social mission that aligns with their business model. For example, a financial institution may strive to increase financial literacy and education among youth. Another example would be a food producer with a mission to end hunger. These examples demonstrate how a company can leverage its operational competencies to achieve a greater good. Purpose can be a driver of profits, and it has been proven to increase employee engagement and consumer loyalty.

2. Set Goals

Determine a benchmark, establish a goal, and then measure progress toward those goals. Goals are good for accountability, motivation, and improvement. We only measure what matters to us, so if your social impact matters to your organization, create a goal, and celebrate as you meet, and exceed it.

3. Communication & Reporting

The best programs are also the ones that are capable of telling a great story. Telling a powerful impact story in a holistic approach with transformative stories, metrics, and photos will result in the creation of brand advocates. As a publicly traded company, your shareholders will be looking for it. You will also have a better story to tell your stakeholders/shareholders.

4. Employee Involvement:

The more you involve employees in your social programs, the more they will be engaged, and the greater impact that will result from the program. You can increase employee involvement by increasing awareness of volunteer programs, donation matching programs. By involving employees in your social responsibility programs, they will feel a greater sense of purpose and pride in the work they do.

5. Establish Partnerships

Ensure a widespread commitment to your greater brand purpose by establishing strong partnerships with non-profits, experts, and other third parties that align with the causes you’ve chosen to support. By leveraging your partner’s network and expertise, you can maximize the impact generated by your resources that you invest.

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