5 Signs You Need an Employee Engagement Platform

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5 Signs You Need an Employee Engagement Platform

In the early days, as a startup or small business with 10–20 employees, chances are your social and employee engagement programs could be coordinated via email and the impact metrics and data can be tracked on a Google Docs, spreadsheets, or even a piece of paper on a bulletin board. The question many companies are faced with as they grow and scale is when is the right time to switch to a more comprehensive, automated system to manage the cumbersome management and reporting associated with these programs?

Below are the 5 most common indicators that your company and program have outgrown traditional tools, and is ready for an employee engagement platform.


The status quo for many organizations involves spreadsheets, physical sign up sheets, and email to manage programs. The most obvious indicator is that you’re spending a disproportionate amount of time pre-event facilitating the program and post-event chasing people around for their experiences, contributions, stories, and photos.

Program Quality

Because of the sheer amount of time you’re spending on administering the program and collecting data, there is a good chance that your programs themselves are lacking in quality. Rather than being a reflection of the culture and values of your workforce, events can become stale, transactional, or disorganized. Don’t let your program and impact suffer. By automating the administrative aspects of these efforts you can increase participation and quality.

Lack Of Data

A program managers worst nightmare often occurs at year-end, when it’s time to compile the annual report. Coordinating between departments, scraping together stories, and sifting through 12 months of data from multiple sources. With an employee engagement platform, you can watch this data arrive in real-time, pull reports at your convenience, make data driven decisions, and compare month-to-month or year-to-year.

Lack of Recognition 

If you aren’t tracking data, how can you recognize or reward employees for their contributions and participation in your programs? With all of the impact stories arriving in one, convenient dashboard, you can recognize and reward every individual or team’s contribution.

People are Asking For It

There is often one person, or a small group of people in an organization that are tasked with program management. For them to do their best work, they need the best tools. Without the support and buy-in from management, your company won’t be able to create an efficient employee engagement program. Empower your team by giving them the right tools so that they can do their best work, and so that your company culture can reach to its full potential.

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