Achieving Your Goals With Porpoise

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Achieving Your Goals With Porpoise

Everybody sets goals, thats the easy part. The hard part is putting in the work to achieve those goals (Think new years resolutions). Other things take priority, we procrastinate, and sometimes, we just give up because of the amount of work involved in achieving the goal. 

Companies set goals for their people all the time, but they face the same roadblocks mentioned above. That’s where Porpoise comes in. So how can you use Porpoise to achieve your goals?

1. Fill out your challenge template 

First, define what your goal is, then decide what activities you want to encourage to drive toward those goals. Complete a challenge template with your goal and corresponding activities in mind. What category does this goal fall under? Is it a community goal, health and wellness goal, or workplace culture goal? Is this an individual goal or a team goal? What type of metric will you be tracking? Is there a reward for achieving the goal? Is there an end date to achieve the goal?

2. Publish the challenge 

Once you complete your challenge template it becomes time to publish the challenge, making it available to the groups or individuals that you specify. Employees will be able to work toward each goal by creating a post on Porpoise. As they work toward the goal, they are able to track their progress along the way through their dashboard. They’ll also be able to see how their colleagues are contributing, and can choose to join them or participate in their own way. 

3. Follow along

As a manager, it’s important to check in periodically to recognize everyone’s efforts. Are you on pace to meet your goals? What incentives, reminders, or recognition can you put in place in order to help motivate your people? Following along is important because it allows you to make sure you’re setting the right goals. It won’t take long for a goal to become outdated. The best thing you can do is be diligent in keeping things fresh and fun.

4. Share & Celebrate

Highlight specific individuals and give them a well done to recognize their accomplishments and contributions toward individual and group based goals. You can also highlight individual user stories or collective impact reports internally on apps like Slack as well as externally on your corporate social media channels. 

5. Crush your goals, get promoted, & enjoy the results that your goal-attainment yields! 🎉 

Want to reach your individual and collective goals? We want to help you! Book a discovery call today to learn how.

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