Capturing The Credit Union Difference

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Capturing The Credit Union Difference

Before working at Porpoise, I had no idea what a credit union was. I knew they were some sort of financial institution, but I didn’t realize what made them different from a traditional bank. It turns out the credit union model is all about people helping people. Credit unions are member-owned, with their members are also being members of the community. Therefore, credit unions put their members, and their community first. 

To say they do a lot for the community would be an understatement. When we started working with our first credit union, I was surprised to see that their employee engagement, community involvement, and community investment programs rivalled the ones that are in place at some of the most forward thinking companies in the world. 

The social responsibility initiatives and programs offered by credit unions are unique, engaging, and impactful. The challenge that comes with this is how to manage all the moving parts and measure the impact that is generated by them. That’s where Porpoise comes in. 

With Porpoise, credit union’s can capture all the good that they do. Whether it’s donations, financial literacy workshops, volunteer hours, fitness challenges, or simply inspiring member stories, we’re able to quantify the impact that is generated by credit unions in real time. 

“Porpoise helps us tell this story within our walls, to our stakeholders, and the public. It lets us reflect on the good that we do and challenges us to continue to be a part of something bigger.”
-Trisha Leaver, Marketing Manager, OMISTA Credit Union

Here are a few of the benefits that credit unions are able to experience with the Porpoise platform:

  1. Connecting people with a shared mission/purpose across branches.
  2. Setting and achieving goals both as a team and individually.
  3. Acknowledging and celebrating each other’s accomplishments through peer to peer recognition.
  4. Measuring collective impact. 
  5. Sharing impact stories with stakeholders. 

At Porpoise, we believe that real change happens when you capture your impact stories and #CelebrateTheGood. Credit unions are one of many types of organizations that share this same belief, and it’s truly inspiring to see the impact that they’re able to create one small act at a time. For more on the credit union difference, read our latest community spotlight on Leading Edge Credit Union here to learn about the amazing work they are doing in the community. 

If your company wants to start measuring and sharing the good that your people are doing, then let’s chat. 

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