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Ebook: Top 10 Ways to Engage Your Workforce

Employees are an organizations most valuable resource, yet only 30% of today’s workforce is engaged. This Ebook will explain why that is, and arm you with a few suggestions for how you can reverse this, creating a workplace that attracts and retains top talent!

Case Study: OMISTA Credit Union

Want to hear first-hand what it’s like to partner with Porpoise? Download our case study to read about OMISTA Credit Union’s experience managing and amplifying their culture through Porpoise.

Sample Impact Report

Porpoise helps you measure what matters by automating the collection of stories and impact metrics. One of the outcomes that is generated through Porpoise is our powerful impact reports for companies to share both internally, and externally to stakeholders and customers.

Infographic: The Business Case for CSR & Community Investment

Whether you’re a Corporate Social Responsibility manager hoping to achieve a greater level of buy-in from upper management, or an executive seeking more information on the subject, we’ve created this infographic for you, and we hope it serves you well!

The Complete Guide: Engaging Manufacturing and Frontline Employees

Manufacturing and frontline employees have been pegged as being notoriously difficult to engage- but this doesn’t mean we should take that for granted. These are the key factors to keep top of mind in order to unlock an engaged workforce.

The 5 C’s of a Successful Engagement Program

Creating and managing engagement programs is no simple task. Some companies operate a “set it and forget it” mentality with their programs. This one-pager covers the 5 key areas that should be top of mind when implementing and managing an effective employee engagement program.