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What’s it like to work at Porpoise?


“Working at Porpoise doesn’t really feel like “work” to me because I love what I am doing, and the things we are accomplishing!


It has been a dream job for me in many ways. It is fun, exciting, inspirational, motivational, challenging, and rewarding!


We are truly doing great things within this company, and I am so proud to be able to be part of it.


I consider it a real privilege to be able to work with such an amazing group of people!


We have fun. By using our own platform, we know it makes the workplace a whole lot more fun.”


Dan Crouse – QA Lead

We use our own product internally to run fitness challenges, capture how we give back to the community, and celebrate the great things our colleagues do in and outside of the workplace!

A few other perks


Learning & Development Budget


Office snacks


Team Off-sites


Health & Wellness Benefits


Team Prizes & Swag


Health & Wellness Benefits