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goal setting

Everybody sets goals, thats the easy part. The hard part is putting in the work to achieve those goals (Think new years resolutions). Other things take priority, we procrastinate, and sometimes, we just give up because of the amount of work involved in achieving the goal.  Companies set goals for their people all the time, but they face the same roadblocks mentioned above. That’s where Porpoise...

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social responsibility

For many people, when they think about Corporate Social Responsibility, they imagine cutting cheques to charities and volunteering time for various causes in the community. These are certainly two important and impactful aspects of CSR, but for many companies their Corporate Social Responsibility programs take on a much broader scope.  At Porpoise we think of CSR as a company’s responsibility not only to communities and the...

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As we all know, the stats on employee engagement are discouragingly low. We know these statistics because companies are doing a great job of surveying employees, asking them how engaged they are. Until recently, thats what people considered to be managing employee engagement.  What makes Porpoise different? Porpoise is the platform companies and managers use to actually move the needle on engagement. Instead of deploying another...

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